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Comprehensive metal processingAll production processes in one place!
Steel products for your businessLarge-scale productions
Display stands (POS)Customised stands of each type
Home & GardenUtility goods production
metal processing
All production processes
in one place!
Steel products for
your business
Large-scale productions
Display stands (POS)Customised stands of each type
Home & GardenUtility goods production

Who we are, what we do?

We are 100% European manufacturer of bespoke metal products.

Komex has been working with metals for over thirty years now. We constantly undertake new projects which means that innovative products are introduced to the market. We create unique metal goods free of assortment restrictions; from metalwork and decorative elements, through displays and advertising stands, up to furniture and garden equipment.

We provide solutions to most of the challenges faced by the client, so comprehensiveness is our strong point. Our production plant with qualified staff allows the new product “from A to Z” to be created in one place, which generates number of advantages. Do you still need design, wood accessories, logistics?

Dream it, we can make it!

Comprehensive, modern and sustainable technological solutions in metal processing.

For over a quarter of century in the metals’ production and processing, we have been constantly developing, which also applies to the technological progress. We keep with the times and perform all processes on the most modern equipment thanks to which the manufactured goods are of the highest class. Our machine park mostly consists of Computerized Numerical Control machines and all services are provided comprehensively in our factory unit located 30 km from Krakow. All of that move us towards sustainable development.

From accessories to complex multi-material constructions.

Every day we implement our clients’ ideas not only to metal products but also these combined with wood, glass, PVC, or other materials. We carry out contract productions for the smallest details as well as bigger items. Also non-standard projects are proceeded because we know that steel can be freely formed, so the only limitation in the production seems to be one’s imagination. Check our products’ gallery to find your product.

How we work?

Briefing  ❯  Prototype  ❯  Order  ❯  Production  ❯  Logistics


The first contact with a potential customer is a really interesting stage. We carefully listen, examine the needs and expectations, then together we find the best solution. Precise definition of goals, strategies and plans is crucial to start the next stages of the project. Very often it is the customer who provides us with ready-made documentation for his product.


A very important phase of the processing in each project is the creation of a prototype, which for the client and for us is the final test. We need to be sure if the product complies with all assumptions and whether it is one hundred percent functional. There is no better way to finally verify the quality than physical “tests” where we can touch the item and it can be checked in any way. After this stage and acceptance from both sides, we proceed to the execution of the order.


Knowing both how the product should look like and the client’s needs, we discuss all the details, provide the completion date, and after determining mutually beneficial conditions we officially proceed to approve the project and go to work!


Production processes engaged are dependant on the project, however, the key link for the final success is quality monitoring at subsequent stages of implementation. We place special emphasis on this aspect because we know that the satisfaction of the contractor depends on this value and we often quote: “the customer comes first”


Providing the comprehensiveness of services related to the entire production process, we also take care of the customer at the last stage of the order. Our experienced logistics department ensures punctuality and full regularity of deliveries. We know that our partners value comprehensiveness in projects, which is why we control the course of implementation in this aspect as well.

Our assets

Professionalism. Machinery park. Trained staff

30-years experience

150 workers

5000m2 facility

17 markets conquered

They trusted us

Program Operacyjny Inteligentny Rozwój 2014–2020
PROJEKT UE : POIR.03.04.00-12-0029/20-00
KOMEX Bogdan Kowalcze, Jan Malina Spółka Jawna realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020 Tytuł projektu: „ Dotacja na kapitał obrotowy dla KOMEX Bogdan Kowalcze, Jan Malina Spółka Jawna”.Cel projektu: Utrzymanie prowadzenia działalności przedsiębiorstwa w okresie trzech miesięcy tj. od 01.07.2020 do 30.09.2020Opis projektu: Projekt dotyczy wsparcia przedsiębiorstwa w zakresie zapewnienia płynności finansowej oraz wsparcia bieżącej działalności w związku z trudnościami finansowymiKtóre wystąpiły wskutek epidemii COVID 19.Wartość projektu : 281 803,56 zł Wkład Fuduszy Europejskich: 281 803,56 zł