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Modern and ecological technological solutions in metalworking

Our machine park consists mostly of Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machines, which guarantees the highest possible quality of our metal products. We provide all services comprehensively, in one production plant located in Pcim, about 45 km from Krakow. In addition to modern equipment, we also pride ourselves in producing our own machine tools, thanks to which we are able to undertake the most non-standard projects.

Laser cutting of sheet metal in FIBER technology.

Trumpf fiber laser or FIBER technology is currently the most modern method of cutting steel. It is characterized primarily by unrivalled precision and speed of operation at relatively low operating costs, which makes it much more environmentally friendly than a standard gas laser (CO2). Laser cutting is one of the basic process in plastic forming so it is frequently used in our production. We cut aluminium, black steel and stainless sheets up to 3000 x 1500 mm, and it thickness ranges from 1 to 25 mm. 

Sheet metal punching

In this production process the CNC punching machine TruPunch 5000 is responsible for precision, speed, and safety. The manufacturer defines the amazing performance of this machine as a “new dimension of productivity” and it is very hard to deny it – the precision and quality of the details is absolutely unrivalled. Punched surfaces of a different kind are free from any scratches so without any doubt this is a top-class machine. The maximum size of the metal sheet processed is 2500 x 1250 mm and the thickness is 0.5 – 8 mm.

Sheet metal bending

Another very important process in sheet metal fabrication is their bending. We own modern Vimercati press brakes with various specifics which allows us to create even the most non-standard shapes. It is thanks to them that we obtain the desired form of sheet metal elements from which in subsequent production stages the ordered article is created. The maximum thickness here is 8 mm and the width cannot extend 3200 mm.

Saw cutting

This is one of the first and less complicated process of raw material fabrication where steel pipes or profiles are precisely cut with the angle demanded. High quality of the saws makes the product free from deformations. After this operation the material is directly transferred to further stages of processing.

Pipes and profiles bending

In our machine park we also have a fully automated multiaxial bending machine for bending tubes with a diameter of up to 45mm. The CNC machine of the Macri Italia PROVAR 6-45 is characterized by high precision and allows bending standard and variable rays. This machine significantly broaden our production possibilities.

2D/3D wire bending

A huge part of our products are composed of elements made of wire. To process this material in distinct variations we use modern CNC bending machines from Wafios. The capabilities of these machines allow us to bend the wire in any angular combinations, which effects can be seen mainly in POS stands of our production. The maximum thickness of bended wire is 12 mm.

Profiles perforation

We perform single and multilateral perforations without any deformation of the material in which this process occurs. The service of punching holes in profiles is mainly used in the production of advertising racks or store shelves. We produce also machines’ tools so there are no limits for the shapes and sizes of the perforations.

MIG/ TIG/ Laser/ robot welding

A very important component in the production process is joining individual elements. We are aware of this and our production plant provides welding in almost all known technologies. Certainly, the laser method deserves special attention. It is characterized by an extremely aesthetic weld with a small width. An additional advantage of this method is that there is no need to create a seam at the joints. In addition, for large projects we use a welding robot, thanks to which the implementation process is significantly accelerated.

Spot welding

At this stage of production elements like wires and metal sheets are joined together. One- and two-sided welding is possible, as well as single and multi-point welding. The weld points should be designed in such a way that the scales remain on the walls; moving places should be avoided. Thanks to these processes, we connect metal elements with each other in a quick and minimally invasive way. Comparing to standard welding we do not lose quality, simultaneously gaining aesthetic of the joined surface. Wire range in this process is 2 – 10 mm and metal sheet ranges from 0.8 to 2 mm.

Powder coating

When the stage of plastic processing is done and all elements of the product are ready, the next extremely important phase of the product creation is its surface treatment. Komex is proud of our own powder coating line, so we have full control and absolute certainty that the final product is of the highest quality. Certainly, a significant advantage of our own powder coating line is relevant savings, because the goods are made from “A to Z” within one production plant. It is also worth noting that our sprayers have been working for us continuously for over a dozen years and such experience is invaluable and is reflected in the quality of the final product.


The vast majority of the goods we manufacture consist of at least few elements. If there is such a need we complete the product before shipment, according to the customer’s request. Although we specialize in metalworking, we also combine it with wood, glass or various materials, depending on the project. We often deal with visual finishing and plaster the goods in compliance with the concept.


At this stage we secure the ordered goods according to the instructions so that they are safe when being transported to the recipient. We have the entire department that will eventually check the quality and pack what was initially agreed. In addition to the appropriate staff we provide our own packaging materials, which also give us certainty when it comes to availability and, of course, reduce the cost of the product.


Providing the comprehensiveness of services related to the entire production process we also take care of the customer at the last stage of the order. Our experienced logistics department ensures punctuality and full regularity of deliveries. We know that our partners value comprehensiveness in projects, which is why we control the course of implementation in this aspect as well.

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